Customhouse Brokerage Services
Automated Broker Interface/ A.B.I.
Consumption Entries
Air, Ground and Local Freight
Foreign Trade Zones - Entries and withdrawals
Warehouse Entries and withdrawals
Temporary Importation Bonds and Export Coordination
Entry of merchandise assembled abroad with U.S. Components
Entry of Foreign merchandise to be assembled in the U.S.
Traffic "In-Bond" - Texas/Mexican Border and all other U.S. Cities
Cargo Break Bulking Services and Distribution Coordination
Specialized facilities
Celebrating 25 Years of Business Excellence
Export packing done to shipper's specifications, including vacuum packing, crating, skidding and recooping
Complete materials handling
Computerized purchase order tracking
Container loading and unloading
Cargo Import Brokers, Inc. (CIB) is a full-service customhouse broker and international freight forwarder offering a complete range of services. When you consider the expertise, capabilities and exceptional service, CIB is always an outstanding value and excellent choice.
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CIB offers rates that are always competitive, but in terms of VALUE, we are second to none.
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Ocean Freight
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Cargo Import Brokers, Inc.
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As your freight forwarder, Cargo Import Brokers provides complete coordination and preparation of all documentation. CIB offers full transportation logistics, from delivery orders through distribution. CIB also handles banking, if required.
Contract rates with major carriers allow us to pass savings on trucking freight and all transportation within the United States to our clients.
Domestic Freight Forwarding
Preparation of documents for direct air or consolidation - plus delivery
Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport
Letters of credit and drafts
Export license applications for material registered
Marine insurance and customs bonds arranged, when required
Landed cost calculations prepared upon request
Cargo Import Brokers
Houston Customs Broker
Houston Freight Forwarder
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Cargo Import Brokers, Inc. (CIB) is a licensed, full service customhouse broker, based in Houston, Texas, USA. CIB is a Customs Brokerage company and International Freight Forwarder that services both importers and exporters.
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